Chapter 4

If my life were a series of chapters, today would be the start of chapter 4. Or maybe the end of chapter 3. 

Chapter 1: 1984-2003
Chapter 2: 2003-2009
Chapter 3: 2009-2014
Chapter 4: 2014-?

Whatever the case I close this chapter. Some characters move forward, some characters stay behind. Some characters will be reintroduced in future chapters. And then there are some that straggle for a bit before they disappear into the abyss, having completed its role in the main character’s life.

Just like in any book, you never really know who the characters that stay with the main character until the end is until the end. So God, author of my book, of my life, help me to be open to your movement and your pen stroke. 

Genera Assembly / Seminary

GA is a bit like seminary.

Most people know what’s going on. 

And those who don’t, keep quiet.

Then there are the few who need to say everything they think.

Thank God for twitter. It gets out but doesn’t always disrupt flow.

What if we tweeted our response to classes? I wonder what that would look like. 

  1. Instead of reflecting in 300 words, just 144 characters.


I’m 30.



And all I can think about is: what an idiot he is.

love h8

God, I really really… hate… to hate people… help me to not hate.

Let it go

It’s never been so cliche to say let it go before…

but that’s all that I can really say



I’m concerned

that my emotions and personal feelings 


get in the way of 

me doing my job

and more important

God doing His work

in me

and in those around me.



do I get over myself?


I went to his facebook today.
Just to look and see how he’s doing. What he’s up to.
It seems like he’s moved on to another job? or locale? 
I don’t really know.

Whatever the case…
I am curious about his whereabouts, what he’s up to, how he’s doing… 

But I think I am finally over him. 
I think I am finally over him.
Six years later… 

We never really had a chance but I held onto what could have been for a long, long time… 
Maybe it’s a sign that I’m starting to be ready? 
Or maybe it’s just that he’s so darn Korean that it’s a no-no. 

Whatever the case, I think I’m done.


Ash, you never knew, but I’m over you.